“Coco and Breezy Dotson are showcasing what it means to be successful 21st century business women, by breaking all the rules.” – Teen Vogue

Twin Cities natives and identical twins, Coco & Breezy came up as students of the local hip hop, dance, and fashion communities.  They rose through the ranks as dancers building their passion, inspiration and understanding of the culture.  In 2009, the girls decided it was time to make the move to NYC, with no money, to pursue their other passion….ultimately where the girls launched Coco & Breezy Eyewear.  Fast forward 6 years”, with their Eyewear line flourishing, deals with major brands, and celebrities flocking to their designs, the Twins decided it was time to pursue their music passions.  Coco & Breezy are in the studio working on their debut artist project while taking select tour dates that inspire and excite them!   Check Out: cocoandbreezymusic.com


Coco & Breezy, and their single #Differences featured in the new Maybelline campaign!

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Designer duo, producers and DJs, Coco and Breezy take on the Maybelline taxi cab challenge. Watch how they each recreate each other’s makeup look and put their own spin to it! Get Breezy’s fire eyeshadow look with the Matte Bar Palette and Coco’s lip look with one of our Made For All shades, while they as the drive to put their single “Differences” !


HYPEBAE Premiere’s Coco & Breezy’s New Video for “Differences”

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Coco & Breezy - Differences - Hypebae Premier

HYPEBAE premiered Coco & Breezy’s debut video “Differences” on their website and large social media following. The video debut coincides with the release of the official DJ Sliink remix which was also featured in the video.


“Eyewear designer duo, producers and DJs Coco and Breezy have released a new music video for their single “Differences.” The song reimagines Ginuwine’s hit R&B single “Differences” and is mixed over infectious Jersey Club beats. The video takes us through a typical New York City day for the young entrepreneurs that work between industries.


Run the Trap Premiere’s DJ Sliink’s Remix of Differences by Coco & Breezy!

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Screen Shot 2019-01-30 at 11.32.28 AM


The jersey club king himself DJ Sliink just offered up a new remix and RTT readers get to hear it first. The talented musician put his masterful creativity to work on “Differences” by Coco & Breezy. The song features fantastic vocal chops and booming percussion that pair perfectly with the pop vocals. We are happy to have our homie DJ Sliink remix our first single Differences.” Coco & Breezy had to say about the remix. “We’ve been a fan of his music for years and love the magic touch he puts on everything.” Give it a listen to the remix below and see why DJ Sliink is the undisputed jersey club king.


Stream the song via your favorite platform below:


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