“The style itself reflects the idiosyncratic identities of its creators.”

Two halves of one whole not only complement each other, but they also challenge each other. As they grow independently, the bond between them only strengthens, and the energy emitted amplifies. Such creative and personal harmony defines The Bliss. Hinging on the musical union of producer, songwriter, and artist Felix Snow and singer and songwriter TYSM a.k.a. Chelsea Davenport, the group shines on bold, bright, and boisterous pop anthems fueled by euphoric vocals and inventive instrumentation.

“Felix sets the tone and the vibe,” says Chelsea. “He’ll lay down these ideas, and we’ll build on them. Then, we both bring a level of fearlessness out of each other. We both encourage each other to take risks. There are no rules.”

On their own, Felix and Chelsea drummed up major buzz. Connecticut native Felix quietly left a loud mark on the modern pop landscape. Amassing a growing discography, he produced the triple-platinum “Gold” for Kiiara among a total of four cuts on her Low Kii SavageEP, teamed with SZA on “Lies,” co-founded Terror Jr, and launched a successful solo career. Meanwhile, under TYSM, Chelsea attracted acclaim from the likes of The Faderand generated millions of streams for singles such as “Honeymoon Phase” produced by Felix. As they continued writing and recording together, a gut intuition inspired the formal introduction of The Bliss. As Chelsea explains, “We really decided to bet on ourselves, which is how the band came to be.”

The name represented the joy at the heart of their collaboration.

“Our definition of music is bliss,” exclaims Felix. “It’s pretty simple, yet completely honest. We followed our intuition versus following intellect. Hopefully, you experience the same feeling listening to it that we did making it.”

The style itself reflects the idiosyncratic identities of its creators. If The 1975 re-produced Fleetwood Mac, the result might sound something like The Bliss. Underpinned by live elements such as rich guitar, grooving bass, and slick drums, the music unfolds with dynamic dimensionality as it blurs the lines between magnetically nimble pop and unpredictable indie stylings. The band’s debut single for Atlantic Records, “Got The Love,” leaps forward on a wah-ing funked-up riff, glitchy harmonies, and a swaggering beat before snapping into an ecstatic chant, highlighting Chelsea’s otherworldly sense of soul.