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Via: http://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/pop-shop/1549695/lmfaos-sky-blu-on-solo-album-a-little-rock-a-little-punk-a-little

lmfao-sky-blu-650-430After becoming a household name thanks to a pair of No. 1 singles on the Hot 100 chart, the members of party-rocking pop duo LMFAO are now recording their own solo projects, while their collaborative project is on an indefinite hiatus. Although 37-year-old Redfoo has indicated that he wants to make solo music that remains in the “Party Rock Anthem” vein, the other half of LMFAO, 26-year-old Skyler “Sky Blu” Gordy, tells Billboard that he plans to venture outside of his comfort zone on his debut solo disc, due out July 4.

“It’s definitely going to show you the spectrum of who I am and what I do, because I truly want to be great at what I do,” says Sky Blu, who released his first solo single, “Pop Bottles,” last month, and performed on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” on Wednesday night (Feb. 20). “I don’t want to just be known for shuffling. I love shuffling, but it’s just the beginning of the legacy I want to leave as an artist.”