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Run the Trap Premiere’s DJ Sliink’s Remix of Differences by Coco & Breezy!

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The jersey club king himself DJ Sliink just offered up a new remix and RTT readers get to hear it first. The talented musician put his masterful creativity to work on “Differences” by Coco & Breezy. The song features fantastic vocal chops and booming percussion that pair perfectly with the pop vocals. We are happy to have our homie DJ Sliink remix our first single Differences.” Coco & Breezy had to say about the remix. “We’ve been a fan of his music for years and love the magic touch he puts on everything.” Give it a listen to the remix below and see why DJ Sliink is the undisputed jersey club king.


Stream the song via your favorite platform below:


Moodswing & Dirty South Joe Team Up With Red Bull Music to curate United States of Bass!

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Red Bull Music Presents: United States of Bass” brought together pioneers and sub-loving trailblazers from three of the east coast’s most influential regional bass music styles. From Jersey club king DJ Sliink to Philly’s foremost authority Diamond Kuts, from triple-threat UNIIQU3 to standout Baltimore MC TT The Artist, Philly’s trunk-thumping Swizzymack, this show was a celebration of Club music across the east coast!

Preview Two Tracks From Nadus’ “Broke City” EP

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VIA DAD: doandroidsdance.com/audio/nadus-broke-city-ep-preview/

For those of you who don’t know, but Jersey’s been cultivated some heat as of late. One of the producers you need to keep your eyes on is Nadus, who’s gotten two solid looks on the super low this past week. As you should know, Nadus’ been killing it on the Jersey club scene, but from what we’re hearing in his new material, he’s got so much more up his sleeve. He has an EP, Broke City, forthcoming on Pelican Fly, and while we’re not sure if this was by design, Pelican Fly family DJ Slow and Sinjin Hawke both dropped new Nadus material in their latest mixes. And I don’t know about you, but my mind is blown.

There’s something about the evolution of sound that always kills me. Guys like Nadus have been murdering things and not getting proper recognition for a minute. We have a feeling that, after listening to these clips, he’ll stop being a slept-on producer and will truly be in that talk of the best doing it right now. While these clips aren’t the full tracks, you will understand why a) we’re thinking Nadus’ future will be bright and b) we’re not shocked that Pelican Fly snapped these tunes up. While everyone is hopping onto that Jersey club bandwagon, Nadus’ evolving that sound right before your eyes. Give these clips of “Sharpe James” and “Nxwxrk” a listen.

DJ Sliink Randomly Gave Away Two New Tunes on Facebook

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VIA DAD: doandroidsdance.com/audio/dj-sliink-free-downloads/

We’re not going to waste very many words on this one. Sliink didn’t. Around midnight, he nonchalantly posted up a link to a collaborative rap record with AlKayduh on his fan page, and a Jersey club remix of French Montana‘s “I Told ‘Em” and gave me the thumbs up to link the tunes. This is the reason that I never sleep. This comes on the back of him teasing his remix of Dog Blood‘s “Shred Or Die” yesterday afternoon as well, and we’re curious what else he’s got in the bag. Each image below will direct you to a download link when clicked. Happy Friday!